Youth Pastor – Pastor Joseph London

YPXL Youth Ministry Time 

YPXL Youth Ministry - Bible Study on Wednesday nights

from 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Youth Pastor – Pastor Joseph London

Drama Ministry – Sis. Natasha King

“One Accord” Liturgical Dance Ministry – Sis. Carmencita Christian and Sis. Natasha King

Youth Choir & Praise Team – Sis. Tamara Wesley and Sis. Shelly Scott




I will follow Christ and not the wisdom of men (1Cor. 2:5)

I am not ashamed of the gospel of christ (romans. 1:6)

I can do all things through christ which strengthens me (phil. 4:13)

My assurance is in christ (heb. 10:22)

I am more than a conqueror (rom. 8:37) and with god nothing is impossible for me. (luke. 1:37)

I will trust in the lord with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding (proverbs. 3:5) I will strive for holiness with the help of christ. I am to be holy because god is holy (1 peter. 1:16)

I will live for christ. For me to live is Christ and to die is gain. (phil. 1:21)

I will receive the instruction of wisdom (proverbs. 1:3), so that i will not go astray. (proverbs. 5:23)

I will obey the commandments of god so that will be blessed and not cursed for my disobedience, (deut. 11:26-28)

I will not fear what man can do unto me. For the lord is on my (psalm. 118:6)

Will never forget the sacrifice that jesus made on my behalf, in that i am saved by behalf, in that i am saved by grace not by my works, not of myself but it is only by the gift of god. (eph. 2:8)