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To the Saints at Macedonia,


We have decided through much prayer and consideration to stream our services on Sunday and Wednesday with no attendants in the sanctuary. We are doing so NOT IN FEAR OR UNBELIEF, but in deference to the instructions and request of our Governor, Mayor, and State Senator. The scriptures command us to obey our civil and political leaders. Romans 13:1-5. Also we are told to pray for them.1Tim 2;1-3 Prov.21:1 tells us that the kings heart is in  the hands of the lord .... he (the lord) turns it whichever way he wills. If we are praying for our officials then we have to believe that God is directing them in a way that's best and for our benefit. Just a thought.

We will assemble again for service in the sanctuary on APRIL 5th, 2020.

Until then please watch the stream, be prayerful and stay safe. The stream can be viewed on Wednesdays at7:00pm and Sundays at 9:30am. 

click on menu and scroll to live streaming 


Also PLEASE remember that the bills still have to be paid so we are asking you to keep up your tithes and offerings. There's 3 easy ways to do so. mail 

2. Drop off in the mail slot to the left facing the front door CLICK ON MENU AND SCROLL TO DONATE 

I am hopeful and confident that everyone will do their very best in this difficult season. We truly thank and appreciate all of you.


Please be prayerful and exercise all safety measures put in place. 


We'll see you on APRIL 5th, 2020

God bless each of you 

Pastor Clifton and First Lady Rita Sanford